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Second Grade

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In Library Class



Students are preparing for their weather research unit by practicing evaluating sources. We use checklists to decide if a book or website  is just right to learn from. We will be exploring Weather Wiz Kids, Web Weather for Kids and Treehouse Weather Kids.



In November

During our maps and continents activities we will be using this continent identification game: http://www.softschools.com/social_studies/continents/map.jsp 


In September we're having some fun reviewing procedures for caring for library books. What Happened to Marion's Book is a sad example of a young student trying to clean a stain on her book. She even tries to clean it with bubble bath!


We learned a bit about hedgehogs from National Geographic Creature Features and then made Book Care Hedgehogs to show what we know about taking care of their library cards.


If you'd like to learn a bit more about taking care of library books you might want to watch this funny video:  How to Take Care of Library Books, a video from TeacherTube.


We are also learning to choose Just Right books in the library.


To choose Just Right books we remind ourselves of the phrase I-PICK.




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