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Fifth Grade

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In Library Class


In January students are beginning their Science Fair projects. There are library resources available to help students choose and research topics.



In November Fifth Grade Students are learning how the library is organize. We will be playing this game in the computer lab to practice finding books on the shelves.





Students will be analyzing media messages for meaning and intent. Click here for our Media Literacy page with 15 advertisements to analyze. Click here for the Quiz!






Students are doing animal research during their Oceanography unit. These resources have been gathered to help students with their research packet.




Students are going to demonstrate what they already know by taking an information skills pre-assessment. To add a little interest to the activity, we'll be using our People Smarts and working as a team. The goal is that at the end of the year, students will show growth in their achievement. The assessment is based on the AASL information skills standards, which are national standards for school library programs.

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